Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wit & Wisdom Wednesday

Time for Wit & Wisdom Wednesday, where I post a quote from a well-known (or not so well-known) person. Please feel free to comment with quotes that have touched your soul.


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?"

~Martin Luther King,Jr.


  1. Popping in from SITS to say hello! Have a great Wednesday

  2. I can barely take care of myself, the hubs and the babe! Once I figure out how to do that, though, I will be all about helping others!


  3. Great quote:) Simple sayings sure make a persons day!

  4. "I'm so very sorry for your situation. I pray that this class will help you to become financially secure so you will never be in this hard spot again."

    Thanks, I hope this class teaches us some things too! Here is my quote:

    "Life is like a Piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it." -Tom Lehrer

  5. I love this quote. It is the core of why we are here, don't you think? I hope I can do this everyday.

  6. Stopping by from SITS to remind you: THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH!

  7. I don't have a quote, but I have an answer to your quote: not enough.

  8. I don't do enough that's for sure. But, it's funny you put that quote up today, because giving to others is something that I'm focusing on now. I've let myself be too selfish in the past, and I don't like the person I am when I act that way. So I'm working on trying to be more giving - or fruitful all together.


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