Thursday, January 21, 2010

Say WHAT????

Have you ever had a moment when you said something that absolutely mortified the person you were talking to?

And you had no idea why?

Picture this. I was about 12. I was reading a book. I always read far beyond my age level, so my books had big words in them.

For example, the book I was reading at the time concerned a girl, and a person with whom the girl was having a heated conversation. After a biting remark from the second party, the girl suddenly and quite forcefully expressed her response. Only the book used an odd word for it.

So, like the trusting, honest, pure little girl that I was, I walked into the kitchen, right up to my mother, and dropped this little gem:

She just stopped. And looked at me. Her chin sloooowly dropped as her mouth went slack. "Ummmmm..."

I'm sure she was thinking "Dear God, please make the last 4 seconds of my life so they never happened."

And all of a sudden I came to a realization (I think it was God speaking to me in response to my mother's prayer): Apparently some words have two meanings, and while they are actually somewhat different, they're similar enough, and one is "naughty" enough, that one must never, ever say either of them out loud. Especially to one's mother.

All I remember is slowly, deliberately, backing out of the kitchen. As if it had never happened.


So... how about you? I know everyone's got to have a story like this. What's yours?


  1. I was raised Catholic, so I heard this one word being tossed around pretty regularly. So eventually I also walked up to mom and laid this one on her:
    "Mommy, am I a virgin?"
    She said, "You'd better be."

  2. I used to say condoms instead of condos...didn't realize why all the adults were laughing at me!!


  3. hahah you poor thing! And your poor mother! lol

    I had a friend once when we were a bit younger, and for some reason no one had ever told her what it meant to be a virgin. Well my pastor was talking about Mary in the Bible and how she was pregnant with Jesus even though she was a virgin. Well my other friend accidentally bumped her, and she looked at her an said, "Don't look at me I'm not virgin!" I was like hunny yes, you are, and you do not want to go around saying that!" lol

  4. Haha. I don't remember ever doing something like that, but I'm sure I have before. Especially, since I like to use big words and if I don't know what one means I do not hesitate to ask.

  5. I remember once as a child I was having a conversation with my mom and I think, my grandma. Or maybe it was one of her friends. Either way, I distinctly remember the lady being a Christian. Anyway, I know that we were talking about Jesus and I know that I said the word intercourse. Yes, I said that Jesus had intercourse with someone. I was fiercely corrected and I insisted that's what I heard. Finally I gave up and decided I was wrong when they strongly insisted that Jesus did not, in fact, have intercourse with anyone and that I should also not say that word anymore.

  6. Ha ha! That was way too funny! Has your mom ever mention this since you were older?
    I have had many of these moments with my kids. I do my best to keep them as protected from the world as possible. But when they read all the naughty words in the world on the bathroom walls at school what do you do?
    Thanks for the laugh!


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