Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not That I Don't Love Peanut Butter...

Hey readers!!! I need your help. If you read my last post, you'll know that I just started a 21-day fast. I'm excited about it, but I also freak out just a little bit every year when it comes to the fast. Why? Because I don't cook. I love to eat, I love to set a pretty table, but I do not cook.

So here's the thing... I have 3 rules for my fast: No Meat, No Wheat, and No Processed Foods. Now, that last one is just a tiny bit flexible because otherwise I'd only be eating apples for the next 19 days. Put it this way: Corn Chips pretty well toe the line on being not processed. :)

This is where you come in... do you know any good vegetarian receipies? I'm ok with dairy and I have a huge bag of rice I'm planning on eating my way through, but I'm gonna need more forms of protein than just peanut butter and cheese.

There's a little box right down below my post... do me a favor, and give me your favorite no meat/no wheat recipies, would ya? If you have a link to your favorite recipe that you or someone else has posted that's awesome too.

Well, that's my blog post for today. It's not flashy, it's just a cry for help. Please help me. :)

**Plus, stay tuned Monday for my first Guest Blogging post. I will set the ground rules for how it's all gonna work out. I do hope that you would consider being one of my guest bloggers this year.**

Ok that's it for me. Have an Extraordinary Day!


  1. My youngest daughter is a vegetarian - but as I'm thinking through her favorite dishes, I'm not coming up with anything that's not either a LITTLE bit processed or contains wheat in some form. I look forward to checking back later in hopes that you get some good suggestions!

  2. Aw, I don't know of any. Sorry. :( I hope someone comes up with some recipes for you, though. I'd hate for you to starve. :-/


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