Saturday, March 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday

So, Have You Stopped Following Yet?

Really. Honestly. I am so very very (very) sorry. I have fallen behind in both my blogging and my responding to comments. And I love blogging, and I really really (really) love comments. Lo siento! Je suis desole! If I could say it in other languages without having to look it up I would. Because I am sorry.

I guess on the plus side, having regular features like Be My Guest Monday, Wit & Wisdom Wednesday, Fictionary Friday, and the few Six Word Saturdays that I've done, have helped me to keep my blog renewed about every other day, but I just feel so very disconnected when I'm not able to write those in-between posts and answer your questions and read your blogs.

And someone un-followed me today. I practically saw it happen. One minute my dashboard said 73 followers, and now it says 72. Is it really terribly pathetic that I keep track?

Oh well, since this is a blog about finding the extraordinary in all things, I want to do that here. Let's all share, shall we? When is the last time you've felt that blogging was just one thing too much, and what was it that brought you back? Let's have some happy blogging stories. Aaaaaand... go:


  1. I've started several different blogs in the past that I never kept up with. I had a xanga one long ago when I was still in high school, and started a blog the summer before I left for college that I ended up making private. I never really kept up with my Myspace and Facebook bogs all that well. But Her Silent Musings, I've impressed myself with. Lol. But I think it's because with this one I have more of a niche. Before on my other blogs I'd just talk about random stuff, and my everyday life, and that got boring for me sometimes.

  2. When I feel like blogging is too much, I am learning to just not do it. Nice to met you. :)

  3. Yeah I keep track, and I have had a couple people un-follow me. Sometimes I just have so many blogs to follow that I un-follow the ones that I have nothing in common with or don't really read that much. But yeah I have taken blogging breaks before when I got busy and then came back. It's hard once you have gotten out of habit, but I have always come back so far! :)

  4. I'm very behind on blog reading. Like you I have regular features on my blog, which keep me posting 3 times a week, but I'm letting myself not to the "in between" posts right now because I don't want this wonderful activity to feel like one more thing I have to get done.

  5. I have not stopped following. And I just took a two week bloggy break. I got sick and I was so tired... I was just not able to get to the blog. Well, it wasn't on my list of "must-do's". Anyway, don't worry about the unfollower. I lost one the other day, but then I got two more! :D Hopefully you do too.

  6. Hi there! I noticed you were MIA and hoped all was well.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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