Friday, March 5, 2010

Fictionary Friday - Triptych

So here are the rules. I will post a word and its definition. It will be a real word, and its real definition. But then I will create a fictionary definition for the same word, and invite you to do the same. Sound good? Good. Here we go:

Dictionary Definition:
Triptych (trip-tik) n. A work consisting of three painted or carved panels that are hinged together or hung side-by-side

Fictionary Definition:
Triptych (trip-tik) n. A countdown timer that gets taken on vacation in order to keep track of how much time each person gets to do what they want. "Honey, I know you want to go on Splash Mountain again, but the Triptych only has 3 more minutes, so let's give Hannah her turn to pick some rides."


  1. I jumped over here from the sits site of the day. I love your layout - its beautiful. Your Fictionary Friday is awesome. I just googled "triptych" like 3 days ago. *^.^*

  2. Fun game...especially for a Friday!! Found you from SITS!

  3. Hello!
    Nice to find writers at SITS...are we the ones up late?
    great meme did you just start?
    (mr linky is great)

    wow...i think it is an awesome idea :)

    nice to meet you!

  4. stopping by from SITS - triptych: the amount of time between the 1st and second time your child asks "Are we there yet?" Love your layout and this game!

  5. Good one!

    Triptych (trip-tik) n. A medical condition that causes a person to trip throughout the day.

    "I hate having a triptych, even if I don't wear heels I'm always falling and no one believes that it's not because I'm clumsy. It's a condition people!"


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