Monday, March 8, 2010

Be My Guest Monday!

Hi there, welcome to Be My Guest Monday! Today's guest is very special, because it's a bit of a different reason we're posting. Julie from By Julie Anne and I have teamed up on a super-awesome project that we hope you will become a part of, and so we decided to guest post on each others' blogs! So please read below, and then pop on over to her place where yes, you will find my post about the exact same thing. You see, we think it's just that important. Plus, Julie has a super blog over there and she could use a few new followers, just like... you!



Janet has graciously invited me to post this week and I am honored to be here. My name is Julie Guthrie and my blog is By Julie Anne. I am a wife with a great hubby, a Mom to three wonderful children and a mixed media artist. I have to admit on my blog I am sort of infrequent, but there is always room for improvement. Now that you know a little about me, let me tell you how I have come to know Janet.

We both became fans of a Facebook fanpage called "Cards for Cancer". I became a fan when another FB friend recommended it to me. I was instantly taken and through there is how I connected with Janet.

Cards for Cancer is a day (April 10, 2010) presented by an organization called Spirit Jump. The main goal is to collect at least 100,000 cards to distribute to cancer centers around the world, to let those who are fighting cancer know that we are supporting their battle.

Janet had already began the team Faith.Hope.Love with the intention to bring cards to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. When I first became a fan Childrens Memorial Hospital was the first place that came to mind for me. (These are both in Chicago). Janet let me jump on board her team and here we are!!!

I do not believe I know one single person that cancer has not touched their lives. Not one single one. My Grandma Tomlin was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1979. Back then, at least in my house, the word "cancer" was whispered. It was just something awful that you did not say out loud. And the word breast...well we would say that Grandma had chest cancer.

Through the years it became more and more commonplace. Grandma Kacprzak, a friend's mom, the man who bagged my groceries on Thursdays, the darling baby girl of our closet friends, four other friends of varying ages and my Dad. When he was diagnosed in October of 2003 with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma he was told that he would have a long relationship with his oncologist, as this was the type of cancer that you survive. I guess that was not meant to be as my Dad passed away in May of 2004, just 7 months after diagnosis. Cancer has become the word we say with a sigh now, not a whisper.

Every person that I have mentioned, every person stricken that you know, every person stricken that you don't, they all fight this battle, this valiant battle not to let this disease get the best of them. Some are more successful in the battle and others like my Dad fight until they have nothing left and the go on to the other side.

But what if every person engaged for the battle of their life knew that we supported them? What if they knew that even in spirit, a person that they did not existed, supported them in their fight? That is why I joined Cards for Cancer, to touch lives, to support others that I may not know or even meet, but to let them know we care...we All care!

So join us please! Janet has created a fanpage for the team. The details are simple. Buy some cards, make some cards, get your friends to make cards. Support their battle. Touch lives. When you have completed your cards, just post to us, email us and let us know. we will coordinate how to get your cards and on April 10th we will joyfully deliver these messages of encouragement to ones that need it the most!

Please join us!

Thank you Janet for letting me play in your sandbox for a little bit!


  1. You guys are awesome! I do SpiritJump, but will come back and check out your project!

  2. This is GREAT thank you! I am putting this up on our site

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Meaghan you are completely awesome for starting such a fabulous program with Spirit Jump. Kudos to you!! :)


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