Monday, March 29, 2010

Be My Guest Monday! Two Normal Moms

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Today's guest bloggers are two of my favorite people who I don't really know in person: Ally and Lela at Two Normal Moms. They gave me my first blog award, and I won my first blog giveaway for their 100th post. They have been uber-supportive and I sooo wish I could go visit them sometime because they just seem so awesome. Well with no further ado, here is their extraordinary story:

Two Normal Moms
We are honored and excited to be guest bloggers here today! Thank you for inviting us!

Here is a little tale. A tale about two normal, ordinary girls, getting ready to start kindergarten. Absorbed in their own little-girl worlds, surrounded by their families, oblivious to the great big world out there.

One little girl was born with a love of animals in her heart, and was (mis)fortunate enough to live on a corner where for some unknown reason, the bad animal people of the world felt it was okay to dump their pets. There were always strays and dumps showing up. So the little girl, with lost kitty in hand, and mom with her, went door to door looking for the kitty’s home. And that’s when she met the other little girl.

They started kindergarten and ended up in the same class. They were both already too big for the tiny kindergarten chairs and they couldn’t figure out why other kids were crying that first day.

They became fast friends, politely calling each others houses asking their parents if they could play. They spent summers roaming the overgrown fields and woods behind each others houses. Pouring shampoo under the drainage pipe that fed the creek to watch it bubble. Lighting a small hill on fire with an errant firework. (It was a small fire, really.) Catching snakes and caterpillars.

They shared secrets. They had sleepovers in the basement. They made other friends. They did other activities. But they always had each other. It was never awkward, in fact, it was always easy.

They graduated from high school, and went on to the same college. One girl went off to become a flight attendant. The other girl moved to Hawaii to find herself. They met the men who stole their hearts. They were in each others’ weddings. They each had a little boy of their own. The boys grew up to be teenagers.

Through it all, they’ve always had friendship. Solid and unfaltering.

Two ordinary little girls, absorbed in their own small worlds, cross paths, leading to extraordinary friendship. Life's a little less ordinary.

Ally & Lela

Two Normal Moms


  1. It's incredibly cool that the friendship has been so enduring. You are lucky ladies!


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