Monday, November 9, 2009

My Cat Makes Me Speak Gibberish

"Hi baby, how are you? Who's a boo-boo? Who's my boo? Ews ma bu? Eweszebooboo? Ewdebodo? Ewdebodo!"

Um, yeah. How really really bad is it that talking to my cat becomes absolute gibberish after about three sentences? I blame it all on Ace Ventura, who forever ingrained the "who's a boo-boo?" line into my head. But really, it's a bit sad that I don't actually converse with my cat in normal language. It's not like he's going to talk back either way.

Please tell me I'm not the only one. What horribly cutesy thing do you say to your pet or (maybe worse) your baby? Go ahead, we're all in it together.


  1. lol. I call my cat 'baby girl' a lot but that's about it. although if I started to log it, I'm sure she gets her fair share of babytalk...I'm just not aware of it!

  2. I totally talked crazy talk to my cat! Your post made me remember how fun it was. Sadly, I lost him in June after 11 years. Maybe I am ready for a new love?? Stopping by from SITS. :)

  3. Oh boy, do I ever baby-talk my cat! I have two male cats and they are brothers. I never really gave them names...just kept saying: "Such a Nice Kitty!"...which turned into: "Sucha"...then "Cha-Cha"...and now they are both known as "Chutty-Chut". Collectively, "The Chutty-Chuts".....don't ask! talk w/ a twist of gibberish:)

  4. Oh yeah,'re not alone. I'd tell you what I say but I'm not very sure how to spell it all.

  5. Oh yes, I even think gibberish when I look at me kitties. Me kitties understand my gibberish for some reason. But it's embarrassing when I do it in front of other people, I can't help it. Schaaaa!

  6. I say "buzzy buzzy buzzy" or "zuzzy buzzy buzzy buzzy buzzy mow" to my Patches. (But only when I'm alone with her!) Lol!


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