Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eggnog and Candy Canes

Do you know what I bought at the grocery store a week ago?



A week ago it was still October. It was still pre-Halloween.

Eggnog doesn't last a long time so the grocery store stocked up on it, knowing that people would buy it, apparently to use as a chaser for all the candy.


And the day after Halloween the drug store was full of candy canes.


Now, don't get me wrong. If the church spent as much time gearing up for the celebration of the birth of Christ, maybe I wouldn't mind as much. And yes, someone has been working on planning the big Christmas Eve service. But we haven't started singing Silent Night yet. We're still looking forward to Thanksgiving. Oh right, you know that day when we sit around and eat all day, but with no presents. (As opposed to Christmas, where people give each other gifts and then sit around and eat all day.)

I guess what gets me is the over-commercialization of "the world," and the under-recognition of the church. Does anyone else see this?


  1. OK's all in how you look at it. As soon as I see Christmas stuff coming out at the stores, I just get excited. All I can control is the way me and even my family look at it. We choose to get excited and not dwell on the commercialism...cause that can kill the pure joy of Christmas if you let it. True you won't hear the churches gear up now with carols, but that's ok. THANKSGIVING has it's place! Give thanks to the Father for the joy of Christmas coming up! Get excited...and don't stop being that way!!
    PS For my sick son, on Sunday I ran around to find egg nog cause he LOVES it! Yeah ok, he threw up after he drank it....
    PSS Go back to my jungle and click on A Baby Changes Everything'll be glad you did...and then when you feel down..keep going back!!
    Thanks for visiting the jungle!

  2. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Not as much stress, family and good food. Everyone giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives!

    I drink the silk soy eggnog and I love it. Can't wait until it is in the stores!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  3. I love eggnog! and would buy it year round if they sold it that way!
    As for the commercialism, I know exactly what you mean! I do enjoy hearing Christmas songs on the radio mid November tho. Can't wait for it to start. I love Christmas and celebrating Christ's birth. The whole season fills me with joy. Listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving drives my husband crazy... but oh well! He's outvoted in my house.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Please come back again!


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