Friday, November 20, 2009

Fictionary Friday - Deluxe

So here are the rules. I will post a word and its definition. It will be a real word, and its real definition. But then I will create a fictionary definition for the same word, and invite you to do the same. Sound good? Here we go:

Dictionary Version:
Deluxe: adj. of special elegance, sumptuousness, or fineness; high or highest in quality, luxury, etc.

Fictionary Version:
Deluxe: v. the act of ridding yourself of extra luxuries; downsizing


  1. BTW - we're giving you an award to pass on - you'll find it on our site tomorrow morning!
    Ally & Lela

  2. Cute idea for a Friday post, SITSta! Here's my Def: Deluxe: (v) The act of taking away someone's good luck; cursing

  3. ha ha i like that! such a smart initiative:)

    *The Day I Burned Our House ..visiting from SITS

  4. I really like that! I'm stopping by from SITS, hope you have a great week!


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