Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Believe I Just Accomplished Nothing

Don't you hate those days when you have the best of intentions?

I emailed myself a few documents from work today that I planned on finishing up at home. I thought Hey this works, I'll put on a movie, open up the Word doc, compile it with the info from this other doc, and voila! I'll be done with the project before tomorrow.

And then I opened up the document--or rather, I tried to. Turns out the person who made the originals saved them in the new document format. You know, the format that Word 2007 saves in. The only problem is that the version of Word I have at home is not that new. And the Word that most of our stores have isn't the new one either, so I didn't even contemplate the possibility that other people were actually saving documents in the new format.

And now it's one in the morning, and I've got nothing accomplished other than a lack of sleep. Ah, those best-laid plans. They never seem to turn out the way you think they will. Perhaps I'll try flying by the seat of my pants more often. It seems to be just as


  1. LOL! Oh my goodness, how did my post cut off??? I guess I was just trying to see who all read to the end.

    And the word I was going for was "effective." :)

  2. I accomplish nothing all too often!.... So often, Ive kind of just grown accustom to being unproductive lol.

    Oh and sleep? I have no idea what that is.


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