Friday, November 27, 2009

Fictionary Friday - Coruscate

So here are the rules. I will post a word and its definition. It will be a real word, and its real definition. But then I will create a fictionary definition for the same word, and invite you to do the same. Sound good? Here we go:

Dictionary Version:
Coruscate: v. to give forth flashes of light; sparkle and glitter

Fictionary Version:
Coruscate: v. the cast of Glee on ice skates


  1. I did one of these a short time ago and I'm happy to share!

    Museful~Meditative; thoughtfully silent.

    But I think the definition of Museful should be a combination of:
    Muse-A source of inspiration

    Museful~A beneficial source of inspiration

    It just makes sense doesn't it?

  2. hmmmm...coruscate sounds like the act of panko-breading fish fillets!


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