Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 In Review

Hello there and Happy New Year to all my friends and family!

It has been far too long since I have sent out a Christmas New Year's card. Better late than never seemed to turn into "never."

But thanks to the beauty of technology, I will now share with you my 2010. It was both a great year and a somewhat not-so-great year. Fortunately, I blogged about most of it. So I will give you a list below of the highlights, and leave it up to you whether or not you wish to click through for the details.

And yes, this means I'm going to be blogging more again. So feel free to follow me if you want to keep up with my goings-on in 2011. God willing, it will be a year worth following. :)

In 2010...

  • I started by comparing last year (2009) to this year (2010).
  • I embraced the purpose of my blog--to find the extraordinary in the ordinary--and changed my email signature to match.
  • I reminisced about words with very, very different meanings.
  • I celebrated my 100th blog post.
  • I started a sister blog called Moments of Majesty, where I do a Bible Study. The link goes to one of my favorite posts.
  • I bought a beautiful new loveseat and chair from IKEA--something that had been on my wish list for over two years!
  • My computer succumbed to a virus.
  • I thought about how I have experienced miracles in my own life.
  • A friend of mine at work got cancer.
  • He passed away, I had a birthday--it was a very up and down month.
  • I celebrated the beauty of the city I live in (Chicago).
  • And then I celebrated the beauty of my own neighborhood.
  • I mourned the loss of my camera with varying degrees of acceptance.
  • I said goodbye to my gallbladder (and I feel much, much better!)
  • I got my hair cut
  • With a fantastic team, I organized the third annual Golden Awards recognition ceremony for my company at their annual General Manager conference, and put together a "Recognition Toolkit" that all the manager-level people in our company can use to show their direct reports how much they are appreciated. I haven't written about this yet, but perhaps I will... I am quite proud of it. :)
Well, that is the highlights. I hope that you had a good 2010 and I pray that your 2011 will be successful and prosperous beyond even your loftiest dreams.

And as always... Have an Extraordinary Day!


  1. May your 2011 be filled with joy and definitely the extraordinary!
    Great review!

  2. Happy New Year! So nice to touch base with you.

  3. I check your blog occasionally, sweet niece, and this is my second perusal of this edition, but I must have scanned too quickly; I missed reading about your camera's loss the first time around. That is a shame. Cell phones are fun, but you are such a photographer!

    May there be more ups than downs this coming year, my dear. Certainly your grace endorses it!

  4. Thanks Aunt Marcie! I don't feel that I hung on to the grace very much, but I am quite thankful for the Christmas camera from my parents. The world isn't quite so lopsided any more. :)


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