Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Out, Out, Damn Virus!

Alas, yes my computer did succumb to the virus that's going around. This is why I'm writing today's post from the office, after working hours (much, much after actually).

So let this be a Public Service Announcement:

Update your virus protection software! Or if you don't have it, buy it!!! I will admit that I let mine lapse a very, very long time ago, and since I generally do not make it a habit to vist skeezy websites, I did ok. But wouldn't you know it, the day after a friend at work got a virus, I got the virus. It's like how colds just jump from desk to desk, except my computer has never been near his. Stupid internet. :p

And of course this happens after my 3-year warrenty expires. So I have to drop $260 at Best Buy for the Geek Squad to fix it, because honestly right now I don't have many computer geek friends that I know well enough to burden with a viral plague-infected computer.

The only plus side of the event was that the guy I talked to, Bruce, was the epitome of everyone I used to hang out with in high school, and it was so much fun chatting with him while filling out the paperwork. I almost wanted to go back and be like "Hey Bruce, would you like to be my friend?" and then I realized how insanely pathetic that would have sounded so I just kept walking.

But it's funny how in the space of 8 days I've managed to both break my digital camera (still under warrantee, thank God) and get a virus on my computer. Like seriously, does God want me hanging around Best Buy for a specific reason??

The highly ironic thing is that I haven't been good at blogging in the 3 days of the week when I don't have a MEME going on, and yet today I made darned sure to make sure I wrote something. And hopefully in the next week I'll start getting caught up on the last month (or more) of comments I haven't responded to. Because you never really understand how much you love doing something until it suddenly becomes harder to do. Like using the internet. I mean, hooray for my BlackBerry, but unless there's a blogger app out there, I can't see myself doing a blog post with it. (IS there an app for it??)

Well, folks, that's about all I have for today. Sorry it's not much. But if you take nothing else away from this, remember: Update your virus protection software today! It's worth not having the headache later!



  1. sorry about the virus but you've got a good attitude about it all! Say hey to Bruce for me.

  2. Ouch I hate viruses. I have been blessed to not have to be attacked by too many. Only one that did some major damage.. and I was able to fix it myself.. Glad to have ya back up and going..

  3. Ah man! I am a computer geek. I mean - seriously - that is what I do for a living...aside from sitting here blogging my life away. Man oh man I wish I had caught this before you spent that much money! Dang! Geek Squad is pricey!!! We NEVER charge that much for virus removal! DADGUM!!!

    Ok...so for future reference for anyone out there who may or may not have a virus or who is concerned about getting one....shoot me an email and I can send you links to the top 3 remover tools you can download from another pc and use on your infected one. And I do this favor to my bloggy friends free of charge! Guaranteed to work..or your money back! ::snort:: Really though - I can give you the best stuff to go to for free and then you can upgrade if wanted to their purchased version.

    Glad you are back girlie!

  4. Yikes! Gotta hate those viruses, I can't tell you how much they mess up my computer time an time again!

  5. i hate when you meet people that you really want to be friends with but there's no way to transition into friendship! it's definitely a weird situation :)

    sorry about the virus- my protection just expired a couple days ago, but i'm too cheap to renew...

  6. I hate viruses. My parents got one on their computer about a year ago, and then also only a year after they bought it - well, the motherboard crashed. We're not really sure if that pertained to a virus, though. (It crashed, ironically, a day after the warranty ended - wouldn't you know it?) Thanks for featuring me Monday. I really appreciate it! :D

  7. I have an app for blogging on my iPhone, I don't know if it exists for your Blackberry, but it makes blogging with the phone a lot easier.

    I'm so sorry about the virus your computer got. Awhile back I got a trojan horse and I really didn't want to fork the money over to the Geek Squad. I got lucky and was able to get rid of it myself, but it took me about 2 days to be sure it was gone.


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