Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am Ripped

Ok, no, this is not me. But a girl can have goals, can't she?

Really though, I am quite proud of myself because I finally went to the gym last night for the first time in ages. I got an awesome deal with Bally's since I used to belong there--$99 for a whole year, at any location. I suppose that comes from when I paid through the nose for that ability, plus the personal training sessions.

To get this great deal I had to sign up back in November. And alas, since I was living at the office back then, I didn't get around to going. But really it's only a few bucks down the drain.

But after making it through my second weekend of the new year (no this isn't a "new year's resolution" it just happens to be the timing) without making it to Bally's, I decided that Monday was the day and packed the workout clothes, water bottle, and Zumba towel. The only thing missing was a combination lock, but I figured I could get one at the CVS or Wallgreens that I would pass on the way there.

Can you believe that both the CVS and the Wallgreens were out?

Of course you can, because everybody and their brother made new year's resolutions to work out.

Fortunately the wise people at Bally's had stocked up, so even though it was an extra dollar, at least now I could lock up my clothes.

I put in a good half-hour on the elliptical and was thrilled because my knees, which have become quite painful in the last few months, did actually still work, as long as there isn't much resistance. Glory be! The rest of the time was spent getting reacquainted with some of the machines they've got. Sadly I don't think they've gotten new ones at all--I was rather hoping in the last 4 years they would have. Oh well, they still work... most of them. :)

And can I just say that my favorite machines are the Hip Adductor/Abductors. Those are the ones where you sit down and have to either press your legs together against resistance, or swing them apart. It kind of looks  like you're practicing to lay an egg. You can't really make eye contact with anyone whilst using them, but they are fun. And I think my favorite part was when I got off the one where you press together which was at 120 pounds, and the chick who got on next moved it to like 80. Aw, yeah. Because it's all about competition at the gym. If I can't be thinner, I want to be stronger.

So the goal is to go 2-3 times a week. It's a bit of a time investment, because I walk 3-4 blocks there from the train, then about 7 blocks home, plus the time spent getting changed and then actually working out. But it's a worthy endeavor, and I was home just in time to see Castle, which is all that really matters to me on Mondays anyway. :)

Please check in to see how I'm doing, and feel free to ask how it's going. 'Cause I may never look like that woman in the photo, but I betcha I could get darned close if I really put my mind to it.

Have an Extraordinary Day!


  1. I'm sure you'll do great. I need to get back to a gym, I can only do cardio so much!

  2. I started working out last Tuesday, and I have actually gone every day since then. Today will be my first day without a gym stop since I have a show I'm goigng to tonight. So I'm taking a couple days off and will hit it hard on Thursday. Here's to us getting ripped! (-:


  3. Good for you! I wish I had time to work out!
    And don't tell me what happened on Castle!!! I watched only half of it over lunch.

  4. way to go, girlie!

    yes, the hip abductor/adductor is my favorite, too. LOVE that one.

    thanks for participating in picky's blog hop. it didn't go as well as i would've liked, but i hope you got a few visitors out of it.

  5. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog (the post one on baby names). ;) I totally thought that was a picture of you when I first clicked over. Anyway, if it helps, I used to stress a ton about working out. Then I made a chart with ten boxes per week . . . each box standing for 15 minutes. So that adds up to about 30 min/4 times a week, but I can do them in smaller increments. It's all sort of mind game stuff, but I work out much more than I did when I told myself I had to do 30 minutes or more at once.

  6. Oh very cool - I've been toying with the prospect of joining a gym myself. Never have since I typically get a lot of exercise outdoors, but I'm becoming a huge winter wimp and want a better option. Also it would probably be a good idea for me to practice laying eggs - you know if someone asked me to do it right now I'm not entirely sure I could pull it off.

  7. Best of luck. I was going to join a gym but my boyfriend gave me a lot of grief about it, so I am trying to work out at home.

  8. Hey Michelle, thanks for the support! I wonder why your boyfriend gave you grief? Is it the cost? That can be prohibitive. But if you apply your mind to it you can get a fantastic workout at home as well. I am at a place where I need specific machines due to my bad knees, so the gym is the place for me, but there's stuff I can do at home too. Good luck yourself, I'm sure you'll get on a good program!


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