Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things I See on the Way to the Train

So what do you do when you have to go in to the office on the weekend? Not only the weekend, but quite possibly the most glorious Saturday in forever. So, you could get bitter, or you could enjoy the trip. I chose to enjoy it.

Especially since this was the first thing that I saw:

Beautiful, isn't it? That's the building right across from me. I loved the red on red (on blue). I crossed the street and started walking, reveling in the sunlight, the warmth, and the beauty. I passed a bush in full fall splendor and thought "Maybe I should take my camera back out." But I didn't.

A few steps later I wondered why I cared if anyone saw me standing there, taking pictures of random things. I mean, who really cares, right? So I took my camera out again. And just in time...
So then I decided to take pictures all the way to the train. Perhaps when it's cold and gross I can look back and remember how beautiful my neighborhood is, in all the big and little ways.

Like the Lutheran Church...
 And the flowers in front of the church, clinging so tightly to life...
 The inscription that shows this building is exactly 55 years older than me.
 A dark door in shadow, and bright flowers in the light...
 This one is by far my favorite.
 And always, always remember that the sun is shining.
No matter how much humanity grows, it can always coexist with nature if we just try.
This one just cracks me up because it looks like the mail slot is drooling.
 I love the juxtaposition of light and dark, sunshine and shadow.
 See? I'm not the only one out taking pictures.
 Every balcony above a bar should have a flag.
Poor Orderly. He's always being left behind...
Ah, the Vic. Home of the bar within a movie theater. Or, vice versa.
And last but not least... Going up.
Well, that's my neighborhood.

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  1. Love the fall picture and the grass one, beautiful!


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