Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why I Love Google Chrome

Five Reasons Why I Love Google Chrome:

  1. Doesn't he look like a totally awesome, fun-loving younger brother of the spaceship/computer in Flight of the Navigator?
  2. When my computer got its virus (booo) the awesome guys at The Geek Squad installed Google Chrome because it had more built-in virus protection than my prior web browser.
  3. It has a download "bar" at the bottom of the screen so when you forget where the heck your downloaded files go because you hit "close" instead of "open," now all you have to do is click on the icon at your convenience. For that matter, you don't get the annoying pop-up window telling you that thing you downloaded is ready RIGHT NOW while you're trying to do something else.
  4. Because everything Google is just awesome. Have you seen their tribute to John Lennon yet today? (of course you might not see it if you're not reading this today)
  5. And last, but quite specifically not least, it has a built-in spell-check!!! Ok, maybe other browsers do too, but this came with it already on so I didn't have to go find it. And there is nothing better than having your computer tell you when you've misspelled "extraordinary," especially when you start asking yourself why oh why you decided to try ending all of your blog comments on other people's posts with "Have an Extraordinary Day" because seriously, it's like a tongue-twister typing that all out quickly!!!!
Ok, there you have it. From a not-very-technical person to you, the 5 reasons why Google Chrome rocks. If you have a browser you prefer, feel free to let me know. I might never switch, but if you can give me 5 good reasons why I should, I'll at least think about it. :)

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  1. I've been using Mozilla and it's working great. I HATE when the computer doesn't work and when it does, I leave it be, lol!!!!


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