Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God Is Like The Internet

So I was walking home from the train station today, checking my Facebook on my BlackBerry. I know what you're saying. You're saying "Janet, you only live 4 blocks from the train! Why couldn't you wait?"

Well to be honest, I was checking my Facebook because I had to pee so badly I needed the distraction. I know, I know, overshare. But it's true.

The point, however, is that the last time I checked fb on my BB (I would do this whole thing in shorthand if I could) was last night. And yet, when I clicked on the button for "internet" and it moved a millisecond later to the web site, I had a notice that I had updated my status (which I had, before I left the office) and that I had 7 notifications.

So what was happening, apparently, is that the internet light waves or electrons or whatever they are, were constantly in touch with my BB, informing it of my fb updates, even when I wasn't willing it to happen. It's like the internet is just all around us, every day, everywhere. I mean, I remember learning about radio waves way back in high school, and yeah it's pretty much the same concept... this stuff is just transmitting all over the world and even through us. How creepy is that? But it's also pretty cool, isn't it?

And it hit me, as I was walking home and trying desperately to think of anything but my bladder, that this generation now has a new way to think about God. Really. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is in us, right? It's a kinda weird concept. But what about the internet? The BlackBerry wouldn't work if there wasn't internet all over and around me, aware of what's going on, familiar with photos I've uploaded, status updates, emails, etc. So take the next step. Think about God like that. He's in us, around us, he sees everything, he knows and catalogs everything we say and do (although if you have accepted Christ thank the Lord He doesn't hold it against us!)... I mean come on, it's like God is the servers which hold everything, Jesus is the conduit to this "everything" (like the BB) and the Holy Spirit is that energy which connects it all together.

OK, anyone who thinks this is hokey or blasphemous, raise your hand. Ok. I hear ya. But think about it--I'm not trying to say that the Internet replaces God. I'm just using imagery that this generation understands to describe in some tiny small part That which we cannot understand but ardently desire to.

Does that make sense? Please leave your thoughts.

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  1. Certainly might make more sense to younger generations than the whole pie analogy we had in church when we were kids :P.


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