Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Friend of My Friend is My--Wait...

I was just reading my wonderful friend Heather's blog (or my friend Heather's wonderful blog) when I saw, in the list of blogs she follows, a blog of my friend Liann's.

My first thought was Wait, how on EARTH does my friend in Oxford, England know my friend in Denver, Colorado???

Well, I'll tell you. I don't know.

No really. Perhaps Heather can comment on this post to verify but I'm absolutely positive pretty sure somewhat leaning towards the idea that we three all attended the same church at the same time. Now, that's not really too far out there. I have been attending the Urban Vineyard in Chicago since early 2002. Heather only just moved to England at the beginning of 2009 and lived in Chicago for a few years before leaving. Liann's the one I can't quite place. It could be we all overlapped and I'm just a terrible person a bit fuzzy on the details because I've more important things on my mind a bit confused because it's late at night darnit and I should be in bed.

The thing is, I've already connected Liann to my friend Megen, who after attending two years of college in Grand Rapids (where we met and became friends), moved to Billings, Montana, then South Dakota, and now resides in Denver, the city to which Liann moved shortly before she got married and decided, with her husband, to travel the continent in search of Christ, community, and a down-home good time. So you may forgive me for being a bit confused when I see my Denver-located college friend post a comment on my ex-Chicagoan church friend's Facebook page (even though I'm the one who introduced them), and for being completely lost when I see that two people who live on opposite ends of the side of the earth on which I have friends are, themselves, connected.

This world we live in, I tell ya. It's crazy. The ability we have to befriend our friends' friends despite place of birth, place of residence, college affiliation or social status just astounds me. If networking is the name of the game, then I know people who're winning, that's for sure.

Just please bear with me when I get lost on how you know my other friends. One of these days I'll have to draw up a "friendly" tree just to keep track.

Of course, if Heather tells me she's only following Liann's blog because she saw that I do... well I guess that either blows my whole post out of the water or proves emperically that everything I said is true.

Or maybe it's just late at night, darnit, and I should be in bed.

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  1. From the same type of experience, I saw a random person I knew when I was in France one time. Uh...how did THAT happen?


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