Monday, April 19, 2010

Be My Guest Monday! Things I Can't Say

Happy Monday everyone! While it's often hard for me to look forward to Mondays, I always look forward to my blog post, because it's always amazing. And why is that? Because someone other than me wrote it!! Today is Be My Guest Monday! If you'd like to be a guest blogger, please check out that link.

Today's post is by Michelle (Shell) over at Things I Can't Say. This girl tells it as it is, folks. Not in an "oh my goodness I can't believe she said that" way but in an "I don't need to pretend to be perfect because none of us are so let's all just enjoy life" kind of way. I respect this type of writing very much, being one of God's imperfect people myself. :) So enjoy some of what Shell can say today, and find the extraordinary in the...

Things that Make me Happy

It's easy to talk about the bad.

The things that annoy me.

Or go wrong.

I like to take them and spin them to make them funny.

Because it helps me to deal.

But, it makes me seem so negative all the time.

So, today, I'm listing the things that have made me happy in the past week.

*A good morning snuggle from my 3 year-old: always the first one up
*A squishy-faced smile from my 1 year-old
*My five year-old dancing
*Dancing with my husband
*My mother-in-law volunteering to babysit
*Time to myself
*A lunch date with my husband
*The sunrise over the ocean
*Showing up and being perfectly dressed for an event: not under or over-dressed
*Seeing my former students all grown up
*Having those students offer to babysit
*Listening to my boys sing along with the Chipmunks
*Getting a good night's sleep
*Having a best friend who is always there for me

I need to remember those things and add to this list as this week goes on.

Because it is easy to focus on the negative and forget all the good we have going on.

What is something that has made you smile today?


  1. Happy Monday! I'm usually not happy about it being the beginning of the week but for some reason sitting down reading your post first made me quite happy! :) Nice to me Shell-I love her list of happiness! I'm heading over to read her blog so thanks and have an extra beautiful day gorgeous!:)

  2. I know Shell! I love her blog. It was one of the first ones I'd come across after I joined SITS. Great guest blogger post! :D

  3. Ahhh - great stuff! And so right about focusing on the positive. Nice!

  4. Well, I love Shell. That list is great...I need to print it out and hang it on the frig for those days when I feel like complaining.


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