Friday, April 30, 2010

Fictionary Friday - Appease

So here are the rules. I will post a word and its definition. It will be a real word, and its real definition. But then I will create a fictionary definition for the same word, and invite you to do the same. Sound good? Good. Here we go:

Dictionary Definition:
Appease v. to bring to a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; pacify; soothe

Fictionary Definition:
Appease adj. the ability to download and use iPhone applications with little to no effort


  1. the decision to ignore dental recomendations and give your 2 year old gummi bears at 3am so he will go back to sleep.

  2. Love it. Something my teenage son is very good at. Unlike me.

  3. Very clever definition:)
    My fictionary for Appease- pural for apple:)
    Happy Saturday SITS sharefest!

  4. Oh, I really like your definition. You should invent an app called Appease.

    I got nothin' for this one...wait...
    an appetizer composed mostly of peas.


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