Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jesus is on Your Elevator

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And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Oh my goodness, do you so NOT want to be on the elevator with these people? I mean really, the guy looking at his watch can't believe how long it's going to take to add your floor to the 11 other floors this elevator is going to, and that lady doesn't even look like she's going to let you on. The guy in the middle will just push all over you trying to get out and I really think the guy on the left just let loose a silent stinker and is trying not to show it. You SO don't want to have to deal with this.

But imagine something...

What if they were all Jesus?

Ok ok, I know, it seems crazy to think of an elevator full of Jesuses. (Except in a way it's perfect. I totally want to start a grunge band now called Elevator Full of Jesus)

But seriously people, think about it. I posted about this before but I can't remember which blog I put it on (I've also got a side blog over at Moments of Majesty) so I'm going to say it again here.

If you were on an elevator with Jesus, would you sigh loudly and roll your eyes if he accidentally pushed the wrong button? Would you fart on your way out just because it's kinda funny that he'd be stuck with it? Would you completely ignore him if he dropped his folder and his papers scattered all over the floor?

Would you hold the door for him if you were in a hurry and he was running to catch it?

I would think that if it were really Jesus, you would.

Well, didn't he say something about when you do things for other people, so have you done them unto him?

That's kinda the good and the bad, you know.

When we think poorly of people, we think poorly of the One who died so that those people might receive the same grace and forgiveness that God has extended to you. Yes, you. YOU. The one reading this. God loves YOU. He loves you so much that He sent His one and only son to die, to be separated from the Godhead, to break up (albeit briefly) the most perfect love-relationship EVER. All because we totally eff things up on our own and there's no way we could get into heaven otherwise.

And it's not just you. It's her too. It's him. Yes, even her. Uh, huh... him too.

Sucks a little doesn't it, losing that high horse?

We all get to get in, if we want it. So... maybe we need to treat each other a little better? If not for them, then for the One who gave them the same grace He gave us.

Because I'm sure someone else is looking at you half the time and saying "Really, God, them too?"

You betcha. All of us. We're just an elevator full of Jesuses, heading on up.


  1. I think I would be the one pushing all the wrong buttons. That way I'd have some time to chat with Him.

  2. Ya know what this is AWESOME.. there is a program on TBN called living water. In it a guy simply explains some of the shortcomings of we as christians. This week he was discussing the thieves that were crucified with Christ. Both chose to mock him at first but in the 6 hours they hung together one changed his mind about Jesus. He repented for his torment and in that short momentof time his whole life was forgiven. How awesome was it for that thief. From certain death to everlasting life in the span of 6 hours and one sentence to the Christ. Technically, we are all that thief.. everyone of us...

  3. I bet you could fill an elevator full of jesuses in Mexico.

  4. That was good. Makes you see people in a different light.


  5. Stopping from SITS! You made excellent points. I will be careful next time I am on the elevator.

  6. That really makes you think!

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  7. Stopping by from SITS to say hi and I have to say I LOVED this post. It was very eye opening and something we need to really think about. Thank you for sharing

  8. Great post and very true. Something we all need to remember!


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