Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting Unapologetically Back Into It.

The dank breeze couldn't help but carry his exotic cologne across the park and into her senses before he even entered her field of vision. He brushed her hair to one side, and whispered lightly against her cheek: "Did you know that it takes 21 days to make a habit, and only about 2 to break it?"


Ten Reasons Why I Didn't Blog For The Last... I Don't Even Know How Long

1. I got a computer virus and was unable to do anything until I got my baby back from the Geek Squad
2. The computer virus killed my modem so I had to order a new one (fortunately I got a free one by threatening to change my service plan)
3. Blogging was cutting into my sleep time
4. By the time my modem showed up I was already waaaay too out of the habit
5. I tried blogging at work and it just didn't feel the same
6. Did I mention the sleep thing? It was nice not having to go from being on the computer all day at work to being on it all day at home. (or getting up an hour early to get on it)
7. I wasn't really happy with the 4-day-a-week MEMEs that I had going on. I mean, they're each individually quite awesome, but I felt like a hack doing nothing but those.
9. I just haven't felt creative in a long time.
10. There was a part of me that just wanted to see if it would be noticed that I wasn't blogging. (And thank you to the person who emailed me, that meant a lot!)

So there you have it. Apparently a few of us have let our blogging lag as the summer began. But since I seem to be having problems sleeping anyway (I'm sure I'll post on that later) I figure I may as well do the getting up early thing again so I can get some writing time in.

Well, see you again soon (hopefully).  :)


  1. I've noticed that I ebb and flow in my blogging. At first I felt guilty for some reason when I would take a break. Then I remembered that, even though people follow me, the point of the blog is self-expression.

  2. it's all good--i go through weeks where i post daily, and then there are weeks where you're lucky to get a thursday's ten :)

  3. Thanks Sabrina and Lora! I do take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only person who has that "ebb and flow." :)

  4. I def go through the ebb and flow. It just means that real life happens outside of the the virtual blog world. Kind of refreshing to see it happens to all of us. And that no one is mad or thinks we are slackers if we miss a bit.

    We are all still here when you get back! :)

  5. I pretty much did the same thing. I'm still a little slow on the draw. Maybe I get more creative in the fall? Dunno, but I just remember that my blog is an outlet for ME so I don't really owe it to anybody to keep writing on there... :)


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