Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Squozen n. Skwo-zen. The effect of squeezing too many (or close to too many) activities into one's schedule. "My life is squozen into days that are just too short."

I am not a joiner. I am not good at networking (yet) and I am comfortably slothful.

Yet, suddenly that's changed.

I will start this by saying yes I'm single. No I don't have to balance this all with children and a husband and two dogs that need to be walked, but you know, we're each on our own path.

So yeah, I'm suddenly a very very busy person. I helped plan and organize a women's retreat for my church last weekend, during which I sang backup for the very very first time in both of our worship sessions. This coming Saturday is a wine and truffle-tasting event to raise money for PEO, a group that sets up and gives out funds to women to further their education, and somehow I'm the one who offered to get my friend who makes amazing truffles to add to what was originally just a wine tasting. And I'm in DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) which meets once a month but I'm also an admin for our Facebook group pages, so I try to keep up with that regularly. I'm in charge of our A/V team at church for worship and other than being "on" for the rest of the month, I am trying to organize training times for two people who are thinking about joining (hooray). And I just started taking VLI (Vineyard Leadership Institute) which is a two-year, post-graduate-level Biblically-based leadership training program that meets once a week for 4 hours. Oh, and I'm the site coordinator, which besides giving me a discount also increases the amount of time I have to spend doing stuff for it. Oh, and I have a job.

So here's my schedule:
Monday: Work 9-6pm | Zumba 7-8pm | 45-60 minutes to get home
Tuesday: Work 9-6pm | Housegroup 7:30-9:30pm | 45-60 minutes to get home
Wednesday: Work 9-6pm | 1st Wed of month PEO 7:30-9:30pm | 30-60 minutes to get home
Thursday: Work 9-6pm | Zumba 7-8pm | 45-60 minutes to get home
Friday: Work 9-6pm | 3rd Friday of month prayer group at church 7-11pm | 45-60 minutes to get home
Saturday: 9:30-12:30 worship practice (when I'm on) | sleeeeeep when I'm not on
Sunday: 8am-1pm church if I'm on worship, 10:30-1 if not | Most likely will nap at church | VLI 6-10pm | 30 minutes to get home.

Squozen indeed.

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