Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear You, I Love You. -- Me.

Dear one,

Beloved, Beautiful, Sweet, Passionate, Extravagant, Elegant and Wise. These are the words that come to my mind when I think on your name, your countenance, your grace, and your smile.

Know this: There isn't a single moment when I am not with you. When you look in the mirror, at your bank account, and on the missed call log on your phone I am there with you, and I know your worries, your fears, your guilt and your pain.

I read your email with you, I watch your status change on Facebook, and I listen in to your conversations at work. I know your thoughts, your desires, and the things you imagine when you are lying in your bed at night.

I weep when you cry. I smile when you laugh. I abide in you, and others see me through your eyes, your voice, your actions, your lovingkindness.

Fear not, for you are never alone. Your cries do not fall on deaf ears, for I comfort and sustain you. You ask When, and Where, and How, and I answer in my Good Timing, which is never wrong.

I am Love. I am the source of all that is Good and True and Beautiful and Kind and Just. And you are made in my likeness, and I have bestowed upon you Gifts of my choosing, Gifts that are for you and no one else. You did not receive anyone's leftovers and you have not been passed by. Look to your heart for its wisdom and your soul for its understanding, and wield your talents with the pride wrought of self-assuredness. For you are the Daughter of the King, a Daughter of Zion, a warrior-princess, and a bride brought into my presence clean and pure.

You were created by Love and bought by Blood. Let no man, no being in Heaven or on the Earth below wrest from you your inheritance, your birthright. For I have claimed you, and I do not willingly give up that on which I have placed my Name.

So rest, beloved, in my tender mercies. For no one loves you like I love you. And my love, cherished daughter, is eternal.




  1. AMEN!!!


    Praise GOD this is perfection!!!

    I LOVE it. Well done Daughter of the King!!

    Blessings to you!

  2. Quite lovely sentiments...Your Superior Snaps also?

  3. This is awesome. I didn't know you were a Believer, did I? Then again, how would you know if I knew that or not? I need sleep. I hope I can get past the spam code.

  4. Reading this made me all warm inside, happy Saturday!

  5. Thanks all! Sabrina I'm guessing you didn't know before, but I only just made it super-clear when I wrote this post and updated my "about me." So now you know! :)

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