Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop Trying So Hard

Ok, here I go. This is my first unscripted post. The first few were ideas that jumped at me, and I started writing them wherever I was, typically by tapping them out on my BlackBerry and emailing them to myself, after which I could edit, adjust, and re-write to my heart's content before I posted it. Super-cool yes, but I've suddenly realized that I haven't posted anything since. Why? Because while I have had some spectacular ideas, none of them have actually been written yet.

So this post is my confession to you, dear readers. (Please let it be plural by now) :)

I think that I have many important things to say. I really truly do believe that God has given me an insight into the Ordinary in the world, that I may see and share how it actually is Extraordinary. That is important! So very important are these revelations, however, that I cannot share them with you.

Qué? Come again?

Well, that's what it seems like, doesn't it? I'm holding out on you, because these amazingly wonderful missives from on high just aren't good enough until I've written the crap out of them. Forget simply expressing my ideas. These must be practically choreographed.

Ok, hyperbole over. The funny thing is, in all of this I'm realizing the lesson for today really and truly is this: Stop Trying So Hard! (You can add ", Stupid!" at the end if it helps.)

Really, truly, honestly, if God is trying to say something through this post He sure as shooting is gonna do it whether my words are good or not. The irony is that if I write nothing because I'm waiting for most amazing way to say something, I'm in actuality not saying anything. But if I get over myself, throw a few words down, read it once for grammar and clarity, and move on, you might actually get something out of it.

The true irony is that I wrote this to teach myself a lesson.

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